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Founder/ Counselling psychologist

Dr. Adrian Tong Ka Ho is a highly qualified and experienced counselling psychologist, whose academic qualifications include a Doctorate degree in Counselling Psychology, a Master degree in Counselling and a Bachelor degree in Psychology. With years of experience under his belt, he has helped many adults, children, and families overcome various emotional and relationship difficulties through counselling services.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Tong is also a lecturer at The Hong Kong Shue Yan University and a clinical supervisor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His passion for enlightening people's potential is evident in his belief that everyone has the ability to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives.

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​Children Service

If your child who age 3 to 12 years old and encounter any psychological distress or is diagnosed with any kind of special educational needs, feel free to click learn more below.

School Students

Teenage Service

If you or your teenage child encounters any difficulties in life, eg. social difficulties, anxiety, extreme worrisome, etc, please click below link to learn more.

Playing Basketball

Family Service

​Family might encounter different communication difficulties in life, eg. misunderstandings, conflicts, different standpoints, co-parenting difficulties, etc. Please find more with below link.

Shared Office Desk

Adult Service

Being an adult is not easy since there are a lot of burdens and responsibility for you take. Feel free to click learn more if you have any psychological distress regarding personal growth, work stress or other environmental difficulties. 

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Information about services

At FullPo Counselling Centre, we are trained to conceptualize and provide intervention under various therapy frameworks. All of the therapy approached are evidence-based, which means a lot of research studies have proven their effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, The practitioners have years of experience and achieved certain hours of supervision. Please be reassured that FullPo Counselling Centre will provide most heartwarming and individualized treatment plan for you.
You can take a look at the following to understand more about the therapy used at FullPo Counselling Centre.


Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural Therapy believes that all behaviours can be learnt by conditioning and social learning. It will help individuals and children to reconstruct a functional behaviour by reducing negative and undesired behaviours and reinforcing positive behaviours. It is suitable for children with special educational needs or any kinds of developmental issues. It helps the children to gain life skills and social skills. Moreover, it is also beneficial for people who have specific phobia or fears. It provide step by step guide in order to reduce the stress generated by the fears and anxiety.

Psychologist's Office

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Aaron Beck's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy believes that people suffering from emotional disturbance are due to their negative automatic thoughts. By reconstructing individuals thinking pattern, escaping from dysfunctional cycle of thoughts and building a healthy life style will help individuals and groups to reduce emotional discomforts and stress.

Beach Meditation

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)believes in psychological flexibility. There are 6 elements for increasing individual's psychological flexibility: acceptance, delusion, self-as-context, present moment, values and committed action. ACT will guide individuals or groups to accept themselves as a whole including positive and negative thoughts and emotions. The ultimate aim is to allow them to cope with the obstacles despite the discomfort feelings they are encountering.

Family at a Beach

Family Therapy

Family therapy sees a person's behaviours is a symptoms of a dysfunctional family structure instead of a "sickness" of the family. It helps the family to identify their dysfunction family pattern which lead to difficult behaviours and reconstruct the function, roles and power of the family in order to increase family coherence.

Children Service

Children Psychological Assessment


HKD$1400 (2 hours)


Extra HKD$850

Individual Counselling/ Play Therapy



HKD$650 - 1 hour

Individual Behaviour Training



HKD$650 - 1 hour

HKD$880 - 1.5 hours

HKD$1080 - 2 hours

Group Behaviour Training


Fee (per student):

HKD$350 - 1 hour

HKD$500 - 1.5 hours

HKD$620 - 2 hours

​A full and comprehensive assessment will be provided in order to understand the underlying reasons of children's distress and psychological burdens.It will be assessed in different levels: biological perspective, cognitive perspective, family background, environmental development, and trauma history. Clinical interview with parents and play observation are expected. Questionnaires will be also required to understand if child has any tendency having developmental disorders, eg. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorder, etc. 

Remarks: No IQ test and diagnostic report will be provided. All diagnosis should be conducted by psychiatrists or clinical psychologist. The current assessment and report is just for reference and treatment planning.

​Individual treatment plan will be provided according to their identified disturbances. The assessment would identify the underlying reason of current difficulties of children. They might encounter low self-esteem, low self-image, poor social skills, or lack of problem solving skills. The counsellor would tailor made a plan in order to increase their internal resources. Such improvement would be helpful in reducing psychological distress and difficult behaviours.

Behavioural Training is mainly designed for children with special educational needs. Since they are having difficulties with their executive functioning, e.g. self-control, planning, time managment, problem solving, inhibition (wait), etc, the programme target to train the children to improve in such areas. The more concrete the executive functioning are, the less behaviours they would have. ABA, TEACCH approach and cognitive therapy will be used in the programme.

Group Training is also designed for children with special educational needs. However, it focus more on social skills training and compassion training. Children will be expected to learn more about two-way communication, how other feels and thinks, functional interaction, good impression as well as other executive functioning stated above. 

​The group size would be 3 to 5 students with similar age. The group also expected higher functioning kids.

Children Service

​Teenager Service

Teenager Psychological Assessment


HKD$1400 (2 hours)


​Extra HKD$850

Individual Counselling



HKD$650 - 1 hour

A full and comprehensive assessment will be provided in order to understand the underlying reasons of teenager''s distress and psychological burdens. Teenagers might encounter different adjustments, e.g. transition between primary to secondary school setting, transition between secondary to university settings, social difficulties, adapting to social norms, career confusion, etc. A wide range of assessments will be provided, including psychological well-being, stress level, family difficulties, career development, etc. 

Remarks: No IQ test and diagnostic report will be provided. All diagnosis should be conducted by psychiatrists or clinical psychologist. The current assessment and report is just for reference and treatment planning.

Teenagers might encounter different adjustment difficulties at this age, e.g. transition from primary to secondary settings or from secondary to university settings, social difficulties, adaption to social norms, troubles with independence, career concerns, etc. Counsellor would set a goal with the teenager in order to provide support emotionally in according to their difficulties. CBT and ACT will be used in order to decrease the distorted thoughts and increase psychological flexibility. Such changes would aid teenagers to improve their coping strategies and ability to adapt changes and challenges.

Teenager service

​Family Service

Family/ Couple Counselling


​HKD$750 - 1 hour

Parenting group training

Fee (Per person):

​HKD$300 - 1.5 hours

Family and couple therapy are expected to reconstruct family dynamic, communication stance, roles and resolve misunderstandings between family members. It helps family and couples to build a more cohesive and heart-warming relationship. It will result in reducing arguements and increasing coping strategies in a family perspective.

​Being a parent might be difficult. You may encounter a lot of stressful situations due to children's behaviour and development. Parent training would focus on understanding the underlying reason of children's behaviour, parent's values, and parenting strategies. By increasing parenting flexibility, the group aim to reduce parenting stress and improving parenting style. Reduction of children's behaviour are expected after the change of parents.

Format: 6 to 8 group sessions (1.5 hours each)

Group size: 4 to 7 people per group 

Family Service

Adult Service

Psychological Assessment


HKD$1000 (1.5 hours)


Extra HKD$850

Individual Counselling


HKD$700 (1 hour)

​A full and comprehensive assessment will be provided in order to understand the underlying reasons of individual's distress and psychological burdens. Clinical interview and questionnaires will be conducted in order to increase awareness of current burdens. The counsellor will set the counselling goals with the client to fit client's needs. 

Remarks: No IQ test and diagnostic report will be provided. All diagnosis should be conducted by psychiatrists or clinical psychologist. The current assessment and report is just for reference and treatment planning.

A clear goal should be set between counsellor and client beforehand.​ The counsellor would then provide CBT and ACT treatment in order to increase self-awareness, decrease distorted thoughts, increase psychological flexibility and alter values that affecting current life. By such changes, it is expected to reduce personal stress, improve general well-being, widen coping strategies and increase adaptivity towards challenges.

Adult service

Opening Hours

Subject to appointments

Please reserve an appointment before visiting the centre. You can text 51211725 via whatsapp or signal, or email for more information. Office hour of enquiry will be Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm. Staff will reply your message within 2 days.

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